Hello! If you’re wondering, hey, I think I might know this person: you might! I’m one of the hosts of the Atlanta Warhammer podcast, a very silly show about a game I love to play. When the opportunity came up to run a Tale of Four Warlords style event, I jumped on it, because nothing makes me happier than dragging my friends into the hobby I love! Plus, I’ve been eying the new Beasts of Chaos Beastlord for a while now, so this was the perfect chance to dive into the army…again. I mean, just LOOK at this awesome artwork.


This baa rams YOU.

A little history on me, this is actually my second go-around with the unwashed masses of True Chaos. I played Beasts on and off since the launch of Age of Sigmar, but never really committed to the army entirely as I was already knee-deep in two other ‘horde’ style forces, and the prospect of painting 2x the models I needed (which was how summoning played out back then) was too much. So, I eventually sold off the army, and for about two years, managed to resist the brayhorns in the distance.

With the new(ish) battletome having settled into a very solid competitive space while still remaining , I’m ready goat at it again. We’re each starting with the Vanguard boxes, so for me, that was a fun trip down memory lane of how easy Ungors and Gors are to assemble. And how easily Dragon Ogres will lacerate your fingers if you aren’t careful. A solid day of building done, a thankfully clear afternoon free of Georgia heat/rain/pollen storms, and they’re all ready to start painting!

Be sure to follow along as all of us build our forces and take them to war!